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Thread: format ipod to wbfs ?

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    Angry format ipod to wbfs ?

    ive been trying all day to get this working to no avail...
    so that i can play wii backups from it

    I have a 30gig ipod video and have restored it back to factoy settings so is recognised by itunes but has no music on it etc...

    With my other usb drives , I was able to go into disk managment and delete the ctive partions and then create a new RAW that wbfs manager recognised it and formatted to wbfs without a problem..

    However when i look at the ipod in the disk manager the option to delete partion is greyed out....when i try to format the ipod with wbfs manager i keep getting "error occured whilst loading the drive..make sure its not in use bla bla...."

    any ideas guys???

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    i hate apple products, but as far as i know, ipods aren't used like hard drives, that is to say if you plug in the ipod to a pc it doesn't show up like a storage drive. not positive on this just my thoughts

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    thanks for the response dude,

    I have just read elswhere that other people have managed to format their ipod in this way and are playing backups from it, they didnt explain how they did it though...

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    copypasta from the usb wiki:

    You have to put the ipod into disk mode by holding center button and menu button at the same time, then right when the apple logo appears you press the center button and play/pause button at the same time.


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