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Thread: nood in need of help Wii gator Error 324

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    Angry nood in need of help Wii gator Error 324

    hi im new at all this i've been following a number of options on this problem but i can seem to fix it,

    im have a pal wii on 4.0e firmware, i have the homebrew channel installed thanks to bannerbomb,

    i installed wii gator but to be honest im not 100% it's installed fully, i have tried it a few times but im sure it says installs -1 when it completesbut i not 100% sure of that,

    i've downloaded a pal game i've burned the dvd-r at 2x 4x 8x now do you leave it as an ISO file on the DVD or do you burn the immage??? but i keep getting error 324 when press launch game, also when i press the B button i has a problems with hooks, it's really doing my head in and i cant fix it!

    Can any one please help me!?!? let me know

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    If the game was in rar format unzip it and burn the iso image using image burn. A 324 error means the disk cannot be read.


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