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Thread: Updating 3.2U to 4.0U

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    Updating 3.2U to 4.0U

    I have homebrew channel installed and coverflow USB Loader working with a HDD and backups. I went from 3.4U with HBC installed to 4.0U and the HBC was still there. From there I used the downgrader to downgrade to 3.2U since I heard that has least amount of trouble.

    From 3.2U, I managed to get cIOS_rev10 and everything else working for backups to HDD. I am very happy with the setup with one problem.

    I ordered a new SD card for the wii and got an SDHC card. Now Wii tells me it can't read the new SDHC card and my Nikon camera can't use SDHC either. Since I can't upgrade the cam, I was thinking about upgrading the Wii to use the new SDHC card and put the old one back in the cam.

    Is it possible to upgrade Wii to 4.0U and keep the hacks for USB loading and backups? Is there a special procedure? Thanks in advance.

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    For anyone else in the same situation, Waninkoko's update to 4.0 worked like a charm.

    Firmware Updater 4.0 | TeknoConsolas

    I now have 4.0U with an SD menu and SDHC cards are recognized and the homebrew and usb loader still works.

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    I think this was the guide you were looking for...

    Here's another: link


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