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Thread: Game cube back up loader not working?

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    Question Game cube back up loader not working?

    Hi i am new to this site so I hope this is in the right thread

    I burned a copy of paper Mario the thousand year door.
    On a dvd+rw if that makes any difference

    I turn on my wii go to homebrew channel.
    Go to game cube backup loader

    put in my game and nothing happens it just restarts the system

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    hey dont know if you sorted it yet but try using DVD-R. From what i hear there the ones to use.

    I hav'nt managed to install any gamecube back up loaders and am in the prosses of getting help in doing so.

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    ya am having the same problems to.. i burn the gamecube game to dvd-r and it restarts the wii., but wii games work perfectly

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    4,561 should help, your missing the cmios.

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    I have cmios rev3 installed but still cant get the backups to load. I have tried both Gamecube backup loader 0.2 and wii backup launcher 0.3 gammer, both with no success.

    What a pain in the bottom it is.

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    have any of you got it to work yet on 4.1 i got wii backups but not gc

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    Try going into the settings for gcloader and change sd to disc or dvd.

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    Heres a compatability list of games that SHOULD work as the game your trying to load might be whats causing the problem.

    GCOS Gamecube Compatibility List - WikiTemp

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    The only requirements you need to play gamecube backups, on a soft modded Wii, is to patch the MIOS and a gamecube controler. I used Waninkoko's custom MIOS rev3 and did a wad install, I could not get the network install to work. A gamecube backup launcher will give you better compatibility than Gamma 0.3 or Neogamma. I use Gamecube Backup launcher Xi because I have read that the GC backup launcher 0.2 has issues with multigame discs. If you are sure that you have the cMIOS rev3 installed correctly, then maybe you should take a look at having a bad backup disc or a bad iso.
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    w00t i got it working i had to install another cios then reinstall the one for wii backups now they both work fine


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