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Thread: completely new at this and need advice

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    completely new at this and need advice


    I am completely new at this and just bought a new Wii a few days ago and was wondering how do I go about... what I need to be able to downl**d and play games on my new Wii. I don't know what modchip do I need to buy? Do I need to open up my Wii and get the serial # or that is no longer needed.
    Please advice and let me know as much as you can.
    Your help is much appreciated to help with a newbie.

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    Ok first off, you need to do alot of reading. Nobody on here will do the dirty work for you. Anyways, you need to decide how you want to mod it. You can either get a modchip which means you lose your warrenty due to opening the casing BUT you can run all games through the disc channel OR you can do the softmod which means you flash files onto the NAND memory. Either way you do it if you dont know what you are doing, you can easily ruin the console.

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    First dont update your wii ever, until you have done alot of reading. Read read read. Your wii is new so check your sn on the bottom, if it is LU64+, then most of the guides for soft modding it are out dated. If it is 3.4 you can soft mod it regardless. If you have 4.0, it may be difficult- but that changes every day. 4th gen mod chip will work on any wii. Have fun reading

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    Jasons34, thank you.
    I do expect to do alot of reading but wasn't sure where to start.
    If I decide to do the modchip route, which do you recommend (Drivekey, wasabi, etc.)?
    Again, thank you for your help.

    Mauifrog, my serial # is LU37512.... does this mean that I can use the modchip? If so, what modchip do you recommend? Also, where do you suggest I start with my reading?


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