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Thread: advice on bootmi vs softmii?

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    advice on bootmi vs softmii?

    Im on a 3.2u system with starfall and gamma launcher for ages now....about a month ago I got the usb loader with rev9.

    After looking around a bit more I am curious and was hoping people could post their preferences/expierences with these programs and help me decide which route to take (or both?)

    I can load games fine with gamma 002 fix and usb loader....what im curious about is softmii vs bootmii.

    I like the idea of custom themes in softmii...but dont want to damage my wii...dunno if already having starfall and some other ios' will co-exist?

    I REALLY like the idea of bootmii having a 'system restore' type of feature....but again....dunno if it works with starfall and or softmii installed?

    Could anyone help enlighten me as to which to do? both? neither?

    Also does rev10 for the USB loader kill the backup gamma channel? I tried a early version of rev10 and it didnt work and had to reinstall everything....kinda a pain in the arse....ive heard a more stable one is out and having the pics of the game in usb loader would be sweet but I dont want that if I give up the backup channel (its still only way I know of to boot Mortal Kombat.....anyone get that working on usb loader?)

    And whats up with all the usb loaders? is there one that is the definitive "one"? Which do you guys use?

    Lots of questions lol, anyone who takes the time to read this and hopefully respond with their input would be incredibly appreciated.

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    I acutally have alot of the same questions as you. I was wondering what type of HDD you use, or is there some type of chart which will tell me which hDD is compatiable with the usb launcher. Also i already have Cios 10 for the backup launcher, so do i have to reinstall it? Will that affect the backup launcher?

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    I have heard of a chart but couldnt tell you where one is off gate though.

    Personally I have Seagate FreeAgent Go 320 GB HD and its perfect. only prob is I am about 30gb left on it so considering the Western Digital 1 TB drive...only had this drive for a month...maybe 5 weeks max and already full so I would at least get a 500gb if I were you.

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    its not a full list but this is the only list i know of atm.

    USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp and if u can afford it get a 1 tb bc in less then a week i have filled a 80 external and over 150 on my internal , im down to like 70 gb on my pc .

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    Excellent chart, thanks for the link.


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