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Thread: new to site. would like to mod

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    Us new to site. would like to mod

    hello all. i came across this site while searching for some kind of "wii scene". this place seems to have a lot of people who have the know-how when it comes to wii modding.
    i have a wii. bought it a few months ago. i would like to mod it. some quick questions...
    1. which is the best/most recommended chip to go with?
    2. any wii requirements?? (dvd drive type, mobo type/version, etc..)
    ntsc wii btw.

    im off to find some wii tutorials. i just wanna make sure i get the best and safest chip, and that its compatible with my wii.

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    Currently any Wii can be chipped, you are really chipping the dvd drive. Best is a relative term. I would go with the Wiikey, though there are alot fo clones out there. Not sure how to tell if you are getting the real deal or a clone anymore. Cyclowiz is also up there. if you are getting one I would get one of the two myself.

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    hi sziklassy. thanks for the reply. i had a feeling wiikey and cyclowiz would be the most recommended. on another site, i read something about having to check the dvd drive version. is this true? if so, is this required for every chip? thanks again!

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    i grabbed this from another site i hope it helps -

    Identify the DVD chip using the Wii's serial number

    Forget about the purchase date or the checksum digit in the box.
    It seems the first part of the serial number holds the key to knowing if you have the incompatible D2B chip or not.

    Check your serial number against the tables below.


    GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A
    - LEH 100XXXXX
    - LEH 101XXXXX
    - LEH 102XXXXX
    - LEH 103XXXXX
    - LEH 104XXXXX
    - LEH 105XXXXX
    - LEH 106XXXXX
    - LEH 107XXXXX
    - LEH 108XXXXX
    - LEH 109XXXXX

    GC2R - D2B
    - LEH 109XXXXX
    - LEH 109225XX
    - LEH 1100XXXX
    - LEH 1104XXXX

    For European models it seems the D2B chip was introduced somewhere in the LEH 109XXXX number range.

    North America

    GC2 - DMS or GC2R - D2A
    - LU 100XXXXXX
    - LU 103XXXXXX
    - LU 104XXXXXX
    - LU 1050XXXXX

    - LU 303XXXXXX
    - LU 304XXXXXX
    - LU 305XXXXXX
    - LU 306XXXXXX

    - LU 503XXXXXX
    - LU 505XXXXXX
    - LU 5074XXXXX

    GC2R - D2B
    - LU 1054XXXXX

    - LU 3072XXXXX

    - LU 50853XXXX
    - LU 5089XXXXX

    For North-America it appears that there are three different ranges in use (LU1/LU3/LU5). Its possible that each range is used in a different area, factory or language pack.
    Each range will have a number where the D2B chip is introduced.
    For LU1 this seems to be between LU 1050XXXXX and LU 1054XXXXX.
    For LU3 its between LU306XXXXXX and LU3072XXXXX and
    for LU5 its somewhere between LU 5074XXXXX and LU50853XXXX.

    Keep in mind that it is possible that there are different factories or production lines that use different stocks. Therefore the above tables could be wrong at some points. However, so far the serial number seems to give a reasonable indication of what chip is inside your console.

    i was lucky enough to get my wii on the day of release(UK)

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    hey Tangokilo. thanks for the reply with that chart. thats exactly the thing i was looking for! time to check if my wii is compatible.

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    So Can Mine Be Moded ????

    Hi All, not sure what to make about this Serial Nš LEH 12827478/9in a square, so can this Wii be chipped or not, would appreciate some advice before I buy the WiiKey.


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    Sorry this content i'm not Affiliated with right now,but I can see you are new why not tell everybuddy your new in the introduction forum!

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    I am guessing that you will not be able to fit a modchip in your console as most european wiis with a higher serial no. than LEH 109XXXX cannot be chipped yet! Due to the new D2B chip.
    you will probably have to wait till a new modchip comes out that supports the D2B chip.

    i am not 100% sure though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Almeragti View Post
    Hi All, not sure what to make about this Serial Nš LEH 12827478/9in a square, so can this Wii be chipped or not, would appreciate some advice before I buy the WiiKey.


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    But i'm sure there is upgrade for that kind of system use?

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    i just checked the site i got my wii chipped at an they say:-

    We cannot install modchips to consoles with a serial number of LEH135xxxxx[x] or higher.
    If your console is LEH13454321[6] then your console is fine, if your console is LEH13654321[6] then we cannot install the modchip at present.

    so you should be ok chipping your wii.
    happy modding

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