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Thread: What to do with scrubbed iso's

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    What to do with scrubbed iso's

    Is there anything that you can do to play scrubbed isos (w/drivekey) with SysMenu 3.4 or higher. Can't you use a Cios somehow that reenables trucha signed material? How would you go about this?


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    There must be because they play happily on my 3.4 with WiiKey2.

    I'm sure I tried a few out before I softmodded for USB Loader so my Wii should have been more or less untouched at that time (apart from hard mod of course).

    Doesn't WiiScrubber have a Unscrub option? Would that reassemble to an acceptable image top work with anything?

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    Ive never had a problem playing scrubbed isos, on a drivekey modded 3.4u wii, using windata dvd-r burned at 1x using imgburn
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