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Thread: Homebrew for Wii firmware 4.0?

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    Us Homebrew for Wii firmware 4.0?

    This is my first post, I think I'm putting it in the right area, apologies if it's now.

    I recently installed the Drive Key on my Wii. Everything is going fine with it. I just got a 300 pack of Virtual Console/WiiWare games which totals 5+ GB.

    From what I was reading about the new 4.0 system update, you can play VC games directly from the SD card.

    So my questions are:

    1) Is there currently a working homebrew for 4.0?

    2) I am running version 3.4U right now, if it is possible, how would I update to 4.0? Would I turn off the update blocker on the Drive Key? and would doing so kill the Drive Key and/or my Wii?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I tried running the Drivekey on a 3.4u and got nothing. When I upgraded to 4.0 is when all the games started working and Homebrew is still running like usual. I just turned the drivekey off, upgraded and turned it back on. So I'd say upgrade to 4.0, It's working great. you can always through the upgrade blocker right back on afterwards.

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    That is what I was thinking, I'll give it a shot sometime in the next few days and let you know how it goes.

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    Just incase anyone else is wondering, this does work.

    I went to my drive key menu, turned off update blocker, saved settings and did a wii update from the internet.

    afterwards i turned the update blocker back on, i popped in a backed up game and it still works fine.

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    were do i get 4.0 and what do i do with it i have never done this before

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