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Thread: lu65 wii with 4.0, doomed?

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    lu65 wii with 4.0, doomed?

    I got homebrew installed thanks to bannerbomb/hackmii. Would like to get usb loader or the backup channel installed now, of course i can't run either at the moment since this is a relatively new wii and was upgraded to 4.0 before i installed homebrew. I've tried the lu64 fix and it doesn't work, it either locks or just errors out.

    Am i basically screwed at the moment and unable to use anything that would allow me to run backups?

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    you are sol for now - there is a fix in the works though...

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    Thought so. Thanks for the answer though, i can stop spinning my wheels now at least.

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    Custom IOS36 rev12 might be your solution. Its supposed to work on with system menu 4 and the lu64+ crowd.


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