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Thread: let's see all the cool thing we can do with a ''hacked wii''

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    let's see all the cool thing we can do with a ''hacked wii''

    i want to make myself a list of things to try on my new hacked wii

    so far i got this

    Homebrew channel
    homebrew browser (apps ect)
    Backup channel
    HD LOADER 1.5 (uncertain if it works getting external drive tomorow)

    Im wondering...
    Is there a way to dump .iso's directly to a usb device without needing to install from the wii Dvd rom?
    like a gui on PC that dumps / install everything ?

    so besides all the listed apps above what other cool things im missing there?

    thanks guys
    awesome site awesome forum!
    love the help!

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    Apps in general is a little broad, it should be more specific.

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    wbfs manager 3 is what you want for your iso>usb and you're missing a media player

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    Make sure you get DVDx and MPlayer so you can watch DVDs and pretty much any video file on your wii.


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