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Thread: Do not use guides on here!

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    Do not use guides on here!

    I had 3.3u & Followed this guide & now my wii he messed up. I got all the way to "Install Shop IOS51" and it went thru after it said complete my wii froze. Now everytime I go in the homebrew channel all I get is a black screen and my we freezes again. I tried to uninstall the homebrew channel and reinstall it but still freezes when I go into it. DO NOT USE THIS GUIDE! It will mess everything up.

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    ....... i already chewed u out 4 being stupid but u make a freaken THREAD omg this thread should be terminated immediately if u READ the tutorial at the beginning he said it was a RISK omg dude just shut up and


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    When did you chew me out? Some people are stupid... Why close a thread because you don't want people to know that these guides mess up your wii? I've only posted one other time on here and you never said anything to me... Maybe your just a little slow...
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    Given the number of people who have used the guide, it is probably very good information. You just got screwed somehow, I would not know how but someone will probably be able to help you. While installing Shop IOS51 did you say no to installing the shop channel?

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    ugggg lets try 2 put this in simpler terms shall wii (hahaha) u for 1 reason or another ur wii didn't work with this.... idk y because u just came out and said it messed up my wii and all this stuff like that A. r u LU64/65 cause then this guide would totally screw u up s srry i snapped kinda tired im sorry for acting that way i shouldnt' have done that

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    Yes I did I chose YES YES THEN NO

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    I have lu32 I'm sorry also just upset that homebrew is messed up now.

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    ok well lets start over than shall we ok now back to business... is the homebrew messed up or the entire wii because if it is just homebrew i may have a theory..... S

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    Sorry, everytime I go into the homebrew channel my wii freezes but i can still play games.

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    can you access the sd thing cause u may be able 2 try that banner bomber or if your at 3.4 below u can try the twilight hack and just reinstall homebrew because u will still have all of your applications on your sd card

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