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Thread: Two Problems with USB Loader

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    Two Problems with USB Loader

    I've used USB Loader 1.5 and Ultimate USB Loader but I always have these two problems.
    One, I can't get a second Wiimote to work. It will sync in other games, but when I load them from the programs I can't get them to register.
    Two, the only game that doesn't work (freezes in game) is WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Since it supposedly works, I don't know why it freezes.

    I use a 16 GB Kingston DataTraveler G2. I plug it in after I load the program, and the other games (punch out, dead rising, skate it) work.

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    try having your kingston plugged in before you boot the wii.
    im not sure how it would help, but its worth a try :P

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    I do that, because the games crash after the warning screen if I don't. Does multiplayer work on USB Loader loaded games?


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