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Thread: New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii

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    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii


    This guide is the best way to fully modify your older Wii to safely play backup games, Ive updated a couple of things but the rest of it has been tried and tested on thousands of Wiis and is very well documented in this thread, it works on all wiis up to 4.1 regardless of serial number/region etc

    To find the system menu version of your Wii click 'Wii options' in the bottom left hand corner of the Wiis main menu screen and look in the top right hand corner.
    The letter after the number ie 3.4U tells you the region of your Wii, U being NTSCU, E being PAL and J being NTSCJ or Japanese.

    If you are on 4.2 then do this guide by shadowsonic to modify your Wii.
    If your Wii is using 4.3 then follow this guide HERE by mauifrog.

    Wiis purchased in 2010, black Wiis, and Wiis with system menu 4.2 or 4.3 have the one of the new DVD drive chipsets that will not play DVDR backup discs. Game backups can still be played from a USB device such as an external USB hard disk drive or a USB Flash Drive using a USB Loader.

    When completed you will have everything you need to play backups and the SD card does not have to be left in, you can delete everything off it if you wish. **the latest neogamma R8 can patch newer games to work and for this feature you need to leave the sd card in as the patches/config are stored on it**

    Make sure you do the steps in the right order or you could run into problems, and read the guide through a couple of times before trying it. Read ALL OF IT! Most problems arise from people not reading the instructions properly or not using a compatible SD card, a plain 2gb one is best. If you are buying a new one try and get a Sandisk.
    All you need is an SD card formatted to FAT32 (use the Full and not the Quick format option) and these files, make sure you download the correct files for your Wii's region:

    Download NTSCU Files (American)

    Download PAL Files (Europe & Australia)

    Download NTSCJ Files (Japan)

    Before you start make sure WiiConnect 24 is OFF as it can stop bannerbomb working, you may turn it back on once you have completed the guide.

    If you get errors during any of the steps format your card with this tool.



    a). Put all the files from ‘copy to sd card.rar’ onto the root of the SD Card. Rar files can be extracted with WinRar, It should look like this when done (file versions may differ).

    b). Insert the SD card into Wii.

    c). Go to Wii Options, then go to Data Management > Channels > SD Card, then you will get a message saying "Load boot.elf?" , select 'Yes' and the Hackmii installer will run.

    d). Install Bootmii as boot2 if you can using the option displayed on the menu (older Wiis only), if not available, then install it as an IOS then go back and install the Homebrew Channel.

    The Homebrew channel will ask you to update - say NO! After successfully completing this softmod tutorial, you may safely accept the HBC update.


    Making a NAND backup with Bootmii will recover your Wii from 99.9% of bricks. Use the same SD card you used to install Bootmii and make sure there is at least 540mb free. Bootmii is very fussy about what SD cards it uses, so avoid generic ones and try and use a Sandisk or other high-quality SD card. Avoid SDHC or mini/micro SD cards as they are more problem-prone during the softmod process.

    a) Put the SD card into the Wii, if you installed Bootmii as boot2 then it will load, if it is installed as an IOS go to the Homebrew Channel, press 'home' on your wiimote and select 'Launch Bootmii'.

    b) Use the power/reset/eject buttons to navigate the Bootmii menu and select the icon with the gears on it. If those buttons don't work then you will have to use a Gamecube controller.

    c) Now select the icon with a green arrow pointing from the chip to the SD card and follow the on screen instructions.

    D) In about 15 minutes you will have a NAND backup, it is normal to have up to 80 bad blocks so don't worry if you get some.

    e) Put the SD card into PC and copy the NAND backup somewhere safe, you can now delete it from your card. If you installed Bootmii as boot2 then also copy the Bootmii folder to your PC and either delete or rename it, otherwise it will load every time you switch your Wii on.

    If ever you get bricked then copy the bootmii folder and NAND backup onto your card, do steps a) & b) again, using Priiloader to get to HBC if necessary, then select the icon with the arrow going from the SD card to the chip. It is not recommended to do this however, other methods to fix the Wii should be tried first and should only ever be done as a last resort.

    3. GET A CIOS

    a) Go to Homebrew channel and run Trucha Bug Restorer, load IOS36, press 1, read the warnings then select 'downgrade IOS15', select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job, keep an eye on what it is doing and make sure you select 'load from sd card' when it asks & don't get any errors.

    b) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, this time select to load IOS15 on first screen using dpad left/right, then select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card.

    c) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15.

    d) Run cIOS38 r17 installer, select IOS36 as the one it should use and then select wad install.

    If your Homebrew Channel flips upside down then continue with the guide and when completed reinstall the homebrew channel.


    Warning - If you don't install the patched IOS60 first you will brick!

    a) Open Homebrew Channel and run WAD Manager, make sure the IOS it is using is IOS249.

    b) Browse to your WAD folder and install IOS60Patched.wad, check that it installs with no errors and exit Wad manager, if it does error then you have permission to PM me for help

    c) Run Wad manager again, check the IOS it's using is 249 then browse to your Wad folder and install SystemMenu 4.1-****.wad, checking that the **** part of the filename is the correct region for your Wii and that it installs with no errors, if you do get errors do not restart your Wii and try again until it works.

    d) Exit Wad manager and restart your Wii, check the system menu version is 4.1 by going into 'Wii options' and looking in top right hand corner of screen.


    Priiloader is important to protect the Wii from certain bricks. Additionally, enabling the Priiloader hacks that block both an online updates and game disc updates is important to prevent overwriting of the softmod and replacement of IOSes with nonfunctional stubbed versions.

    a). Open the Homebrew Channel and load Priiloader, press + to install. After install, your Wii should reboot and load the Priiloader menu. If it doesn't, turn your Wii off and on again whilst holding down reset and it will load the Priiloader menu.

    b) Select 'system menu hacks' in the Priiloader menu, and enable "Block Disc Updates" and "Block Online Updates". Select 'save settings' and wait for confirmation message to display 'settings saved'. Press B to go back, and enter Settings. Set 'Autoboot: System Menu' and 'Return:System Menu' using D-Pad, then select save settings. Press B to return to main Priiloader menu.

    c) In the Priiloader menu select Homebrew Channel, run Wad Manager, use default settings (IOS249 & SD card) and install these wads from the 'wad' folder:

    Neogamma Channel - R8

    Then restart your Wii.

    All done! You will now have the safety/hacks of Priiloader & Bootmii, NeoGamma R8 backup loader, cIOS249 r17, IOS38,53,55,56,57 & 58 for newer games and IOS50 to help prevent disc update bricks. If you ever need to access Priiloader's settings hold down 'reset' when switching your Wii on.

    If you get the 'system files corrupted' screen don't panic, just reinstall Priiloader and if that doesn't fix it reinstall your current system menu with Wad Manager.


    If you want to update your cIOS in the future or if you want to install a different one just run the installer and select ios249 as the one it should use, it will overwrite the old one so no need to uninstall.

    If you want to update Neogamma go to wii options > data management > channels and delete the old one first, then just install the new one with wad manager. -Download Neogamma R8 Channel-

    If you want more Priiloader hacks or information go HERE.


    Go HERE to update the Shopping Channel.

    The Homebrew Browser allows for downloading and installation of homebrew applications and games through the Wii's Internet connection.

    Install USB Loader GX & WBFS Manager 3 - Download

    To setup your USB HDD you can either use the WBFS format with a FAT32 partition or only FAT32 or NTFS. Follow one of these guides:

    Loading and Playing Wii Backup Games from USB HDD

    FAT32 Hard Drives - Formatting, Loading, Ripping, Playing

    Get some emulators for all your old favourites (better than vc except for N64)


    For those of you that can't make their own copies you will have to source them elsewhere, the fastest and safest place to get your games is Usenet, you should get maximum speed out of your connection and can use SSL to ensure that nobody knows what you're downloading. Check the easy start guide here


    To make backup copies of your Wii games, you need to use either Verbatim DVD-R, Taiyo Yuden DVD-R, or Ritek G05 DVD-R for your games, most other discs won't work. Have a look at our disc section for more info.

    Credit to: Team Twizzers, Comex, Waninkoko, Wiigator, Wiipower, Crediar, da_letter_a & damysteryman.
    Special thanks to KyZiX for the videos.
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    Hey there. Its me again from this morning... I just saw this guide and was wondering if I can start from Step 2. I have the Homebrew Channel on my Wii already that was from the older 3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade... guide. I'm leaning toward your guide... looks simpler for some reason and you tend to get back to people sooner than others even though they ask noobish questions.... like me. =) Thanks!

    So I decided to give this a guide a try. Since I have the HBC on my Wii, I picked it up from Step 2. When I launch WAD Manager 1.4 I don't see the option of "IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad" When I scroll through the options of "SELECT IOS VERSION TO USE: <IOSXX>"
    I only see IOS35, IOS4, IOS9, IOS11, IOS12, IOS13, IOS15, IOS17, IOS20, IOS21, IOS30, IOS31, IOS33, and IOS35. I copied all the contents of the packaged file from this guide to my SD Card. Am I missing something?

    Nevermind... I was supposed to keep it on IOS35 and then continue with the installation process... duh! I got to the part where I load cIOS Downgrader and about halfway through the installation, it gave me an error message "Firmware Update Failed!" The Wii restarted and I gave it another try... this time it was perfect! Followed the rest of the steps, no my 3.1U Wii is now running on 3.2U with 160GB worth of room for games!!! Thanks, Dogeggs for putting up with all my questions, and for putting up this guide... Awesome!!!
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    Worked like a charm, thanks a lot man ^^ much appreciated~

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    i followed instructions when i run preloader and select system hacks in the Preloader menu
    i get a message saying couldnt find "hacks ini" neither on fat nor on NAND any ideas please

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    Quote Originally Posted by geester3 View Post
    i followed instructions when i run preloader and select system hacks in the Preloader menu
    i get a message saying couldnt find "hacks ini" neither on fat nor on NAND any ideas please
    did you rename the NTSCUhacks.ini or PALhacks.ini to just hacks.ini?

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    yes mate i did mine is pal version and renamed it to hacks.ini
    i have just noticed sd card was formatted FAT & not FAT32
    reformatted card and went through the process again stiil get a message saying couldnt find "hacks ini" neither on fat nor on NAND
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    Quote Originally Posted by geester3 View Post
    i followed instructions when i run preloader and select system hacks in the Preloader menu
    i get a message saying couldnt find "hacks ini" neither on fat nor on NAND any ideas please
    ok - try this one (attached)
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Thanks Dogeggs
    worked a treat but im confused in the rar the file is hacks.ini
    but when i extracted it changed to just hacks

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    With regard to the "could not find hacks.ini" problem. I had the same thing happen. Then I realized I was on a fresh install of Windows XP and the show file extensions option was off so of course when I thought I was naming the file hacks.ini I was actually naming it hacks.ini.ini.

    Total n00b mistake, but maybe the same thing happened to someone else. You know how Windows likes to help us...once I fixed the file name everything proceeded beautifully. This guide is aweseome! Many thanks.

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    of course why the hell didnt i think of that i will go and stand in a corner with a dunces hat on my head
    cheers joggoms

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