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    Question USB Loader Question

    ok i just found out about the USB loader, and i have a couple of questions.

    I once modded a old xbox 1st gen and i would rip the games directly from the xbox drive to my internal hard drive.

    My question is this can this be done with the Wii place a game into the wii cd drive and rip it directly onto the External USB drive?

    also if anyone out there has some suggestion as to what would be a good high capacity drive to purchase cheap that has little to no issues with the usb loader.



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    Yes, you can dump wii games onto the hdd from the wii drive. I'm not which loaders do it, but I am sure that you can.

    To find a hard drive, I suggest you check out this page: USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    I havent done this yet myself, but when I do, I think I will get a 500GB Buffalo Drivestation, but don't be influenced by my decision. Its completely your preference, but try to avoid ones that use a device manager, like a WD Passport. I understand that these can get in the way and cause compatability problems.

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    You can rip to a hard drive. The selection that says "Install Game" does just that. Hard Drives are hit and miss though. USB flash drives are usually more compatible, but have less storage.


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