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Thread: Semi brick jap wii

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    Semi brick jap wii

    Hello this is my first time here can you pls help me? I accidentally patched my jap wii its a punch out game since im a noob and dont know anything about wii before, i patched it and and then boom = semi brick wii. I cant access my setting menu so i cant connect to the internet. I want to downgrade and fix my wii but i cant install any .wad file. its being blocked by a new FW that i installed w/c dont allow me to install any fix but i can still run geckoos and softchip R90. Heres my question are there ways to fix my wii? Is there an Ios downgrader that doesnt require internet connection? pls help and if theres a guide kindly give me the links TIA

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    if you have a game w/ a higher firmware update install starfall (only for 3.2... not sure 4 J wii ull just have 2 look)


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