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Thread: Rock Band 2 "Required Wii Update"

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    Rock Band 2 "Required Wii Update"

    so I fought and I tried and I asked around and finally i succeeded. I got "CIOS36_rev9" and thus USB_Loader on my wii. And it works great. Except for one thing.

    Previous thread -

    When I put in Rock Band 2, In the Wii menu wher the game Icon would normally load (top left corner) I get Wii system update.

    If I clicked on it I got a message basically saying "if you do this update and you have homebrew then it could brick your wii now or later, if you don't do this update you won't be able to play this or other games. If you don't want to do this hold the power for 4seconds"

    so obviously I held power for 4seconds. when I rebooted I tried it again, I was going to write down exactly what it said, so I clicked it again and got the same message. but then I thought "what if I take out my sd card" so I did a hard shut down, ejected my sd card and tried it again. and I got the same Wii system update thing in the menu, but when I clicked on it now I get the following:

    "In order to use this software you must perform a wii system update. Select OK to begin the update"

    now thats the message I get whether the sd card is in or not.

    I'm currently running 4.0U and I can say what all I've done since last playing Rockband 2 eariler last night.

    I tried to use the "custom wad manager" that was suggested to me for my original problem (installing "CIOS36_rev9")following these instructions:

    You need:
    - Custom Wad Manager
    - cIOS36_rev9
    - IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    - cIOS_FIX.wad

    * Insert in Apps directory the Custom wad manager, with boot.dol, and then the cIOS36_rev9, then in the root of SD create a new directory WAD and insert cIOS_FIX.wad and IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    * Insert the SD in the Wii and power on the console. With HBC load Custom wad Manager, and install with the + button the IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    * Do the same and install cIOS_FIX.wad
    * Now load the HBC and start the cIOS36_rev9, select "network" install method
    * Now you can install the cIOS36 without have the -2011 error and so you can install other wad

    FIX IS-----------give it a try. should work.
    the key is to run cIOS36 firstly. cIOS36 will check for cIOS249, load in IOS16.wad and cIOS249.wad ....
    the rest is self-explained.

    but at some point I got a frozen black screen. I forget exactly where.

    Then I moved on and tried the following tutorial suggested to me to instal "CIOS36_rev9" and it worked,
    I then installed usbloader 1.5
    Tested it on a couple games (backed up 6 games, tried 1) and it worked good.

    Next I tried to install coverflow
    and I just got a black screen with a data dump that froze. I tried it agani with a different version and got the same thing.

    after that I put the RB2 disc in and was going to go make sure my purchased songs (on my SD Card) were still there. at that point the "Wii System Update" thing showed up in my wii menu in its place.

    has anyone heard of this and know how to fix it?

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    dude you are making it more complicated than it needs to be! install preloader 0.29, just search here you will find info about the program. and select the hack to avoid update checks on discs. or use backup launcher to load the game. or make a backup and brickblock the disc.

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    iv hear u actually use Cios 37..... here try this hope it works S

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    I'm sure I'm making this more complicated than it is
    this is pretty much my first mod of anything.

    apparently I didn't do enough homework ahead of time, cuz every success has been marred by a new complication.

    I looked a little at preloader but a lot of people seem to have problems with it and frankly I like my system starting up as normal.

    what do you mean by "backup and brickblock the disc"?

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    what exactly is CIOS37 gonna do?

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    i just got it off a post (4get link) and some guy was havin a problem loading like u and he just installed the Cios 37 and it worked and also brickblocking a back up is removing the system update so if u play a diffrent region game and it askes 2 update u wont brick (all i can remeber off top of head but it does something else 2) S besta luck

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    I haven't tried to run the game off my HD backup yet, would that prevent the update?

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    this is what an "update" is is it upgrades the ios's because the game is new so therfore it needs newer ios's and if the game detects your system menu is lower than what the game HAS on it then it will update your system menu. the system menu part is OPTIONAL meaning you dont need a newer system menu to play. SO by installing the wads separately via Cios's (the 1 i gave u the Cios 37) it will update the ios w/ out system menu update

    S hope i helped you

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    Ok, I'll give it a try when I get home, thanks

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    no prob man

    S hope i helped ya

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