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Thread: BitTorrent! YAY!

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    Exclamation BitTorrent! YAY!

    I'm confused. offers free downloads of Wii games but how do you put them on the Wii? I've downloaded the .torrent file, but... HOW do I get my COD 5?

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    When you download backup Wii games via bit torrent you should find that once the whole download is complete you'll have a completed .rar file, open that with winrar, burn the resulting .iso using imgburn and you're good to go.

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    you need to run the torrent file in a bittorrent client like Utorrent.
    This then downoads the file.
    Once you have the file, it will probably be compressed in a .rar file. Unzip it and run it in your preferred way

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    Well, there is way more than just burning it.
    You need a torrent application, try uTorrent.
    Once that's installed, open the torrent file, it will start downloading.
    After it's downloaded, unzip the .RAR file. After which you will do one of two things:

    One) If you have a disk loader program (like Wii Gator), burn the ISO onto a DVD, put it in the Wii, load the program, and load the game

    Two) If you have a USB/HD loader, then use WBFS Manager 3 to put the ISO on an external HD or USB drive. Hook it up to the Wii, load up the program, and play.

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    First of all, do you have Homebrew installed?


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