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Thread: Wii 3.1U softmod

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    Question Wii 3.1U softmod

    hey quick question

    My cousins wii is version 3.1U i want to mod it, wiigator backup loader gamma
    and homebrew should install with no problems right? i used it on my wii which was version 3.23 (or something like that ) with no problems.
    thanks in advance

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    ya it would work... but for playing backups and stuff it is actually the best 2 be on 3.2 because u can install starfall only on 3.2 which is a help in simi-bricks S

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    I agree with Jon...there are two great guides here at site. Pls look under tutorials and ck ultimate guide for 3.2. I hope this helps.


    If i've helped pls press a thumbs thanks

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    hey thanks for the help another quick question, if i update that wii now it wil go straight to version 4 right?
    anyway to get it up to version 3.2?

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    yup if u update threw nintedo u will go 4.0 but w/ this you can upgrade 2 3.2 (yes its called a downgrader but it upgrades) MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    S hope i helped ya

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    Follow this guide to the T it works great:

    Let us know..thanks..


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