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Thread: USB Loader Problems w/ some games

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    Us USB Loader Problems w/ some games

    Oh man, I was so happy to get this working...
    I ripped my entire collection testing the occasional game...
    Using SD\USB Loader 1.5

    Wii Sports, Fit, Play etc all work flawlessly

    House of the dead 2, 3 and Overkill work great...


    Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Madworld, No More Heroes, and Okami all fail

    The screen goes black, HD lights up and stays lit, but no game

    Tried good...

    Using Maxtor eternal USB powered drive....other games work, but these games do NOT

    Any ideas...I really hope it's something simple...

    Even tried different versions of USB Loader...1.0, 1.1, 1.4

    Please gimme some feedback!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I had some problems with a few games out of my collection too, upon examination of the discs I guessed that they were bad rips due to the kids scratching the discs beyond the USB loaders capability to read correctly. It did seem that the games that ripped flawlessly were the games which the kids didn't play and therefore wouldn't be so likely to play frisbee with.

    My solution was to download the .isos via internet and load via wbfs manager, bit of a pain but it worked.

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    Yeah thanks man, but the games were flawless, I re-ripped 'em each like 10 times too...

    Can't figure it out....downloaded Paper Mario and transferred w/ WBFS and it failed to work, rented it from the store and fine!

    I'm kinda pissed cuz Mario Galaxy and Metroid are like the essential games and they just.....won'!


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    I ripped my SMG on my pc- it worked, I ripped it via usb loader- it crashed. Go figure. Try a few backups from online if your rips wont work. SMG and Metroid work fine for me.

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    Yes SMG and Metroid work for me too. I couldn't rip SMG because of light scratches though and I tried it 3 or 4 times.

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    What hard drive model & size are you using? Some aren't 100% compatible and will only work intermittently. You'll probably want to check your HD against the compatibility list. If you can, try ripping SMG or Metroid to a known-working flash drive just to eliminate HD weirdness.

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    I think I'll just go out in the morning and buy a new HD....the one i'm using is a's one of the early model external IDE drives....not sure what model or whatever but it's 80gb IDE, USB 2.0

    I'll check the compat list and buy the most highly recommended.....I really don't need a huge drive as I'm picky about Wii games, there's a lot of shovelware out there...I mainly stick to the AAA titles as you can prolly see from the games I mentioned.

    The REAL bitch here is that I didn't test thouroughly after ripping me entire collection of 20+ games and TRADING THEM ALL TO GAMESTOP!!!! Jumped the gun a bit, but I did get almost 300$ which netted me inFAMOUS, Riddick and 7 other PS3, 360 titles...

    Anyway, I'll post the results of my purchase tomorrow...I really want a 100% solution....

    Thanks everyone, we'll see what happens.


  8. #8 it was the drive...

    The day after the above post i got a Western Digital Passport 320

    Works perfect...currently 89 games....

    It's all about the DRIVE...


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