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Thread: ERROR! (ret = -2011) F/W VER. 4.0J

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    ERROR! (ret = -2011) F/W VER. 4.0J

    I am on firmware version 4.0 and I am trying to install a WAD file, is there any way i can fix this -2011 error?

    I should explain that I am trying to install the USB loader channel.

    I originally had installed the HBC when I was on 3.4J via the twilight hack. I upgraded to 4.0 (like an idiot), I then ran bannerbomb to upgrade my HBC channel version from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2.

    What I have been thinking about doing is doing a master reset of the wii and starting from scratch, but I dont want to lose my channels, which I am sure will happen if i do so, and if I am unable to reinstall wads that would just suck, so can anyone help me solve this issue?
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    wad files dont like 4.0 if downgrading an option go to this MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service it upgrades and downgrades wii and 2 do this u needs an internet connection


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