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Thread: First Post...Already A

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    First Post...Already A

    Alright Where Do I Start? Hello I Guess...Anyways Down To Business....

    I Installed (On My Virgin Wii) Homebrew Through The Bannerbomb Expliot (YAY) And I Got Right Into It Last Night...Haven't Slept In Over 24 Hours. So I Burned Punch Out On A +R And -R DVD And Neither Work With Gecko Os. Now I Figured I'd Try And Solve This On My Own But There's Only So Much I Can Do Before I Freak Out. I'm Now Trying To Install The Usb Loader 7 But Can't Because I Got An Error Reading The Cios, So I Tried Installing Cios Rev10 Through Network...No Luck Got Pretty Far But Failed In The End. If I'm Not Providing Enough Info Please Let Me Know And I'll Be Happy To Provide More.

    Tried Downgrading From 4.0 To 3.2 But Couldn't Even Get That Working.

    I Appreciate ANY Replies Even If It's Just To Say Hi =)

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    here ya go MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service this has the cIOS patcher AND the backup launcher (if it dosn't work post back)

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    Alright First Of All Thanks For The Reply. Second. The cIOS Didn't Work Error -1017 I Think It Was. I Ignored It Though And Tried Loading The Backup Launcher Which Actually Read My Backup...I Think...It Usually Said No DVD Or Something But This Time It Said Something About The cIOS. I'm Totally Willing To Downgrade If Needed.

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    you said in your first post you couldn't donwgrade and 2 things 1. if u LU64/65 dont downgrade. 2. i 4get crap lol srry ill think ov it but post back lol

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    Could it be a network problem?? weak internet

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    Would The anytitledeleter Help Me? And Thanks For The Internet Connection Suggestion I'll Check That Out. Another Question I Have Now Is How Do I Figure Out Whether My Wii Is LU64/65 Or Not?

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    the bar code if it starts w/ LU64 or LU65 than thats wat it means its on the bottom ov the wii

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    Alright So It's LU54. I Hope That Good. Should I Go Ahead And Try To Downgrade? I Was About To Use The anytitledeleter But I Wasn't Sure How To Go About Doing That So I Didn't Do That...

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    ok then go right ahead ur in the clear

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    Currently Downgrading To 3.2! YAY Thanks For ALL The Help All Of You! I Appreciate It LOADS!

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