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Thread: Which discs to buy?

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    Which discs to buy?


    Just had my Wasabi Zero installed last night!

    I had some Verbatim (read: stupid buy, should have gone with the gut instinct instead of going with my excitement to get home and burn) "digital movie" discs. They worked for 2 games, but the third (Tenchu Shadow Assassins) just won't do it. I keep getting a disc error. Bad discs, I know! But they look pretty.

    So, I need to buy some new discs.

    My options are as follows:

    taiyo yuden tru blu dvd-r 8x
    taiyo yuden shiny top dvd-r 8x
    verbatim dvd -r 16x (unsure where they're made, hopefully not india/china)

    Which is my best option?

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    iv heard great things about verbatum but anything will work really like im using kodak DVD-R and havn't had 1 bad burn "except 1 but i posted thread 2 c wat im doin wrong" but like i said anything will really work.... i think but id go w/ Verbatum but htere kinda price lol thats y i went w/ Kodaka super cheap YAY

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    Well like jonathan9595 said anything may work if they are dvd-r everything works for me but verbatum dvd- is the norm or possibly the best if you want your drive to last a little bit longer. Not sure how much longer, but probably not much longer . I myself dont give a ship. I'll just use usb loader when my drive takes a dump on me, or get a new one.

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    Right on. Well, I picked up some Taiyo's, and the game still won't work, so there must be something wrong with the download. It's the right size, so who knows. Oh well, now I've got 125 dvd's to burn instead of 25!

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    2 things 1 how fast are u burning (2.4x is recommended) and 2 some games just wont work iv had 1 that woulndn't work and never figured out yS

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    I'm burning at 4x, having no problems with any other games. I'm going to try and get a new download of it, and try again.

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    Since verbatim isn't workin' some say these go well with wii:

    Verbatim dvd- r
    Sony dvd-r (I use <<<)
    Memorex dvd -r

    Usually burn'n from 2-4x. (some ppl rec'md 2.4x) just try sometimes ppl even have to go as low as 1x.
    Though they are pricey..hey better then me keep buying another $50 game. If something anything happens..So look for deals...sometimes they have buy One pack get 1 free .

    If i've helped pls press thanks

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    I tried several different discs and for me this is what I found works:

    Verbatim -r
    ImgBrn at 2x running on vmware (I use a Mac)

    Wii is 4.0u with wasabi zero and Homebrew installed. I would've stayed with 3.2, but I like to use the sd card for some of the games I have purchased and to save on system memory.
    Chipset is D2e without epoxy. (I got lucky ! )
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    I have a wasbi zero and have yet to have a bad game out of about 25 games I have downloaded.

    I use Verbatim -4 16x discs and burn at 4x. I use imgburn and in settings under the writing tab I have writing set to incrimental which apparently is a big deal when burning.

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    I had a 25 spindle of verbatims, Not 1 coaster out of the whole lot.

    Not all discs will work, Some drives are more finicky then others, It just goes down to trying some and finding what goes well with your drive,

    For the record, I tried some LG Dvd-r's (I'm in Aus) and the drive read one of the discs maybe twice in about 100 attempts, And that was the Wiikey config disc lol.

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