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Thread: Creating Ocarina Codes?

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    Question Creating Ocarina Codes?

    Since the summer is here, and I find myself with free time on my hands, I would like to develop Ocarina codes. How is it done? Where can I learn? I don't consider myself a n00b, I can follow pretty much any tutorial, and like I said, I am more than willing to learn. Any pointers, please?


    PS. I don't know if this thread belongs here, if it does not, where should I take it to?

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    You need a USB Gecko. You can find it on their site along with a bunch of codes. Good luck with all that, we can always use more coders.

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    Exactly how is the USB Gecko necessary? I can't shell out $50 right now, but I am really intregued. Is there any way to bypass it?


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