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Thread: II'm confused, I don't know anything. Pls help!!!

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    II'm confused, I don't know anything. Pls help!!!

    Dear all,

    Last month, I bought a Korean version WII (english, country set=USA, made in China, seller said that it is modified) from Thailand. On menu screen, I have Backup Loader smt like gamma 0.3... news, homebrew, mii etc. Ver 3.2U

    Mii and photo channel works, all copy games I have works via backup loader.

    I want to use news channel and use Opera..

    My friend have the same WII, he tried to connect the net. Wii asked for wiconnect24 and then system update. He clicked "yes" for system update. And I think it's bricked. he said that only hombrew channel is ok.

    But we both don't know what the homebrew channel is...

    So I'am afraid of to connect the internet (scared of bricking)...

    Is it possible for my 3.2u Korean ver WII?

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    easy one...DO NOT UPDATE THE WII!! EVER!! unless you know what you are installing. Your wii will brick if you install a USA update on a korean wii


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