Super Mario Galaxy:

1) I bought Resident Evil 4. I backed it the disc to a image file then to a DVD and it worked on my DCPro modded Wii. I also bought a Super Mario Galaxy recently. However, I have tried to do the same as RE 4. Repeated read is fine. However, when I use ImgBurn at 2x to write the image on a disc, it doesn't work. I have tried it many times and my Wii simply won't read it!? I looked at my original Super Mario Galaxy disc and there is NOT a scratch to it. It's NEW!! Why am I having so much problem with Super Mario Galaxy.

EA Sports Active Updates:

2) I am thinking about buying EA Active Sports. It requires an update from my current Ver 3.3U. Would updating the system using this game make the backed up disc not work? I don't do any of the fancy HomeBrew and othe exotic stuff at all. What version is this? Thanks.