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Thread: Question with Punch-Out

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    Question Question with Punch-Out

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and I tried searching for the answer to my question but couldn't find an answer, so here it is.

    I just got into the homebrew stuff today after learning about the USBLoader thing. I haven't actually gotten around to using it as I have to get an external hard drive still. I had to use WMIOS35 and IOSDowngraderv1 in the process to get the USBLoader and WAD Manager programs to work, but now, I can't play my real disc copy of Punch-Out I got yesterday. It's telling me I need to update my Wii to play it, but I'm afraid if I update it, I won't be able to use my homebrew stuff without going through the whole process again.

    I read some stuff in another topic saying I needed to use the WAD Manager to install a different IOS to get certain games to work (like Punch-Out). The topic said IOS 53 was the one needed to play Punch out, but I tried it and it still wanted me to update my Wii to play the disc. I also tried installing 38 and 55 but none of them work. Can anyone help me? I want to play my original copy of Punch-Out I had to buy and still be able to use my homebrew.

    Also, out of curiousity, if I installed a WAD for a WiiWare game would I be able to move that game to the SD card (using the built in function provided) to make space for more games, or would that screw something up?

    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but I couldn't find it. THANKS!!

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    maybe brick blocker or Starfall to block the update. Also gecko os has mention of ignoring the update partion on the disk. Probably the easist would be to try gecko
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    Ok, I'll try Gecko. Anyone else know the answer to my other question? Also, after installing the WAD for the WiiWare games, is it basically like I own the game now (but can't redownload it)? Say I wanted to install a bunch of WiiWare WADs and get rid of everything homebrew. Would I still be able to keep the Wiiware games working just fine by themselves. I think so, but I'm not 100% sure.

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    Your wii will run out of memory fast with to many wiiware games. Unless you are running 4.0 I don't think you can run channels from the sd card. You should be able to install a channel and move it to the sd card when not in use, then move it back when you wish to use it. Keep your homebrew, you may want it later. Also there are many kind people providing backup copies of wiiware, just in case you lose your download rights- just make sure it is for your region.

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    i'm in the exact same situation.
    4.0E Pal Wii
    USB Loader GX installed following this tutorial
    using cIOS38_rev13a
    i now have a few isos and Wads working like a charm.

    But i just bought a legit PunchOut copy (Pal) and the disc Channel has a "Wii update" icon.
    I've read its safe to update with discs from the same region but just to be sure :
    Can this update cause any damage to my homebrew/usb loader installation ?
    I've also read that i should install ios38/53/55. should i ?

    And what would you suggest for upcoming titles ? (other than asking you guys every time)

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    You use USB Loader GX.

    You've got a retail game that wants an update.

    I'm no rocket scientist here. But, and work with me. I'd start USB Loader GX, and rip your retail Punch-Out to USB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ossot View Post
    I'd start USB Loader GX, and rip your retail Punch-Out to USB.
    I did. and game works.
    But i asked to have a better understanding of the "hacking" process.
    Or if i want to play it (or any upcoming game) from disc (not enough space on HDD, easier for kids...).

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    I am also a semi noob here but I can at least explain this one, since I have done it.

    OK, remember that when you hacked your wii that you installed a CIOS? rev 10 or up? Well that is a Custom IOS. or operating system file for the wii that it uses to launch and run things (Like your games). Well, you have installed a CIOS that is acting like the IOS that thew game thinks you need to update in order for punch out to play. Sure you can do it, but then you will get pretty pissed pretty quick when half of your "On drive" games" no longer load. My adventure: Punchout played, but madworld stopped. Patched madworld with an CIOS, and HoD Overkill stopped. Hod Overkill worked, Ghostbusters stopped....
    Fun huh??

    Once you have your wii running a usb loader, just load all of your games onto the drive and play from there. Less wear and tear on your wii and games, and less frustration trying to patch what you just broke.

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    meh. The game update all depends on what it is and the game. you're never going to brick from updating in-region. But it could break some of your homebrew/modding depending on what's going down.

    Since you're on 4.0, the disc was wanting to update/add some IOSs to your system. Not the actual system menu/firmware. There are good odds you could update w/o a problem. But you never know.

    If you didnt have kids I'd tell you just boot all games through backup loaders. Even if it's from a disc. But with the kid situation I reckon that's easier said than done. Your best bet is to use 'AnyTitleDeleter' to see what all ios's you have installed. DO NOT erase any. Then install what you're missing. (37, 38, 53, 55, 60, 61..etc). Which can be found in dogegg's repository. That should stop retail discs from wanting to run updates. At least for a while.

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    i checked which one i had and the only missing one (from the ones present on dogegg's list) was ios56.
    i installed it but punchout disc keeps telling i need to update.
    could it be the disc adds a ios not yet on dogegg's depot ?

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