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Thread: Can't get Opera Browser working?!?

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    Can't get Opera Browser working?!?

    I've downloaded quite a few of the NTSC-U to try and get it to work...but it just brings me back to the menu? Am I doing something wrong. I have version 3.2U as my system menu. Does it have to be something else?

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    Sorry for the selfless bump. I just got a wireless router so I could finally go online and need some help. No one knows a solution?

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    more info "donwloaded quit a few NTSC-U" that makes no sense at all like games? VC games?, CLASSIC GAMES? B MORE SPECIFIC?????

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    Umm...the title...

    NTSC-U Opera Browser...I didn't think I need to spell it twice =D =D

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    here l@@k this this guy got it 2 work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanb9595 View Post
    here l@@k this this guy got it 2 work.
    The guy in that thread had trouble installing it.

    I don't have trouble installing....just when I run it, it doesn't work. I read someone else had this exact same problem but can't remember where. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    If you read this post

    A guy had similar results of what is happening to me....except his troubles were with the HBC. He said when he removed an IOS that it then would just bring him back to the menu. So my question is....what IOS or cIOS do I need to run the Internet Channel. Please someone that has it working just tell me which IOS' you have????? Thanks.


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