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Thread: Few softmii (noob) questions..

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    Few softmii (noob) questions..

    There's always that fear of being the new guy that asks some question then gets slap'd with like 15 links which all clearly answer his question. I promise you all though, i honestly DID look around.

    Right now I'm 3.1U and softmod'd. I use gamma loader and Waninkoko's IOSPatcher to set everything I burn to 249. So far everything I've backed up has worked just fine. No problems at all.

    So, with that in mind, my Softmii questions.

    1. If I use WiiUpdateManager to update to 3.2u, any chance of bricking? I'm thinking that's the safest method as I don't have wifi to hit.

    2. If I use HBC to install Softmii, any chance of getting bricked again?

    3. Will Softmii auto force NTSC? That's my big complaint with my Gamma loader. I hate going into the options every time to set it to NTSC.

    4. If I switch to Softmii, will my 249 IOS'd games still work a-ok? And if so, should I just continue burning things at 249? Or leave them as-is in the future?

    And lastly.. anyone know a good guide for Softmii installation? There's a guy that makes youtube video's which has turned into my mecca of DIY softmod'ing, but his latest video is for 2.1.1.. and it seems Softmii is ~2.9.7. So I don't know if his guide would still be accurate.

    Any help is much appreciated. I fully expect to be told I'm a retard and didn't search properly though. So that'll work too provided you toss me a bone to the proper search criteria.

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    1: you should be ok - as much chance of bricking as any other method
    2: see 1
    3: no - you have to make your wii region free with preloader hacks
    4: you don't have to patch all games to ios249 only a few - check here in future, they should work still
    5: 295-297 were pulled cos they're not ready - stick to 211

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