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Thread: Preloader trouble please help

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    Preloader trouble please help

    HEy guys my friend installed homebrew and preloader and all that on my and my girlfriends wii and we dont want it on there cause we lke to update our wii via nintendo and all that. He uninstalled it but now everytime we start the wii the preloader page comes up all the time. Is there a way to get rid of it without the homebrew channel.

    also my wii version is 4.0

    UPDATE........ I changed something in the preloader menu so that when i turn the wii on and exit channels and games it goes straight back to the wi menu and not the preloader.... So one main thing im worried about is can i update my wii to a different version(whenever that is), buy stuff off channels and play MK wii online without nintendo knowing?
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    don't worry, nintendo won't get you...only if you cheat online you get in trouble.


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