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Thread: Reinstall after clearing and upgrading to 4.0U

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    Reinstall after clearing and upgrading to 4.0U

    So my wife bought Wii Active and found that she couldn't run it on the Wii that was twilight hacked, homebrewed and running 3.0U with backup software and CIOS's installed. The only way to get the game to run, that I could find, was to delete all channels that the hacks were related to and update the system to 4.0U. Luckily, the wii did not brick! Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, I am no longer able to do ANYTHING that the system used to be able to do.

    I am pretty sure that I can not turn back due to the "no twilight in 4.0U" but I was wondering that since I had previously installed cIOS's to get to the place I was, would I be able to still play backups on our system? Basically, I might have cleared the programs and all but the code in the system should still have the code installed......can I still use that to my advantage??

    I have mentally accepted that I will go legit if I need to and buy games, but I really want to have the ability to run DVD's and demo games on the system.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated as even my wife is sort of missing the ability to do what the hack permitted.

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    Get your wii back to how it was by following this guide

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