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Thread: Burning Wii backups on Memorex DVD-R?

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    Burning Wii backups on Memorex DVD-R?

    I just got a pack of Memorex DVD-R's for burning LEGAL backups. Will they work fine or should I get a different brand?

    And what is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

    I use a DVD+RW right now, and it works fine... Just clicks very loud...


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    First off DONT uses +RW at all. You are destroying your lens becauses its working harder to read the discs. Second, dont use +R's unless you change the booktype to -R. Not all drives can read +R, but all drives can read -R. Just change the booktype to -R and youll be good, but stay away from RW's

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    They say verbatum is the best . But i use them all as long as they are dvd-, no matter what brand. If my drive breaks ill just use usb loader

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    They also say the darker the dye on the disc, the easier it is for the lens to read thus the lens lasts longer

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    they work fine with legal backups, just don't try illegal ones, they wont work . but yeah stick to dvd-r, brands that i use that work great in no particular order:

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    Thanks a lot guys

    I went with Memorex and they work fine, with a lot less clicking than the RW's.

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    I found that Verbatim -R or Taiyo Yuden -R is best burning backups


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