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Thread: Marikart error??

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    Marikart error??

    I have ad a look around but cant seem to find the answer.

    Mariokart backup was working fine, I then uninstalled 3 wad files which I installed earlier to get sonic working, now mariokart wont work, I have reinstalled the wad files but still no good, the Mariokart title screen comes up when i hit start i et the blac screen with DISC CANNOT BE READ.

    Please can any one advise, thanks

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    Find the WAD's you uninstalled and install them again

    Why did you uninstall them?

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    I have just burnt another copy and it works fine, freakin gremlins in the wii i think. Thanks anyway.

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    yes do not uninstall any wad files, they can't hurt to be on there, they will not prevent you from playing anything, they can only enable you to play

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    Sorry to ask again, but although my newly burnt MK disc works, Donkey Jungle beat wont, tried burning again but just get the disc cannot be read message, worked fine before I deleted and reinstalled some ad files.WTF?


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