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Thread: semi-bricked my wii please help...

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    semi-bricked my wii please help...

    I'm at 4.0 and I installed homebrew using bannerbomb and then used a guide on this forum "How to get Homebrew Channel on virgin 4.0 Wii!".... when I installed the preloader I somehow messed up the system menu so now the preloader boots and I can get into homebrew but the system files have been corrupted. I have a wiikey 2 installed and only had problems with pal backups before I started messing with the software trying to get that issue resolved. (usa wii). Please help or my family is going to kill me ....

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    Ok, since you have preloader...

    1. go to google and search for 'wiisystemmenu-v417'(USA) or 'wiisystemmenu'-v418(PAL)

    2. Find a WAD file download

    3. Put it inside 'root of SD/wad/

    4. Turn on wii, preloader should load

    5. You should have WAD manager

    6. Load WAD manager

    7. Scroll down to the systemmenu WAD

    8. Press + to install

    9. Wait for Install to finish (takes 1-2 minutes)

    Voila! You should have a 4.0 wii again with all the system files intact

    Afterwards, I suggest installing everything again (cIOS, andom IOS's for games etc) and also make a NAND backup using Bootmii if you can

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    that worked thanks!


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