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Thread: Punchout Gecko error #002

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    Punchout Gecko error #002

    I have been trying to get Punchout to load with Gecko OS. I keep getting error #002. I have a chipped wii and it loads fine outside of Gecko, but I want to load it in Gecko to use the Ocarina codes. Anyway, I have installed IOS38, 53, and 55 with no success. Also, any thoughts on which firmware I should use in Wad Manager 1.4 to install those IOS? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't know what other information I should give. Thanks.

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    did you try patchin the game before burning it

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    I did but when I patch it using WiiScrubber and GenericWiiPatcher, when I insert the disc I get a system files error and I can't do anything with it...what might cause this??

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    so you are gettin an error when loading the disc using the program or onto your wii?

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    The error was on the wii itself. However, I fixed the problem by using Gecko OS instead of 1.7. I used a previous unpatched disc and the game works fine. Thanks.


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