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Thread: System files corrupted - Help?!

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    Unhappy System files corrupted - Help?!

    Total nublet here, I installed HBC using the bannerbomb exploit today, everything was going fine, but then out of curiosity installed Preloader with the "SoftMii Ultimate" rar. I was running 4.0u. The homebrew channel opens fine, but when I try to go the the SystemMenu, it says the system files are corrupted and the rest is pretty much illegible. It looks like a really really low quality JPEG. I "aquired" the wad of NTSC system menu 4.0, but before trying to reinstall it I was wondering if it'd cause any further damages?

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    Alright, so through the search I've found a few threads with the same problem as me :/ sorry for making a new topic. I fixed my precious wii (: Thank god for wiihacks/search bar

    Also, if anyones having the same problem:

    Admins, can you please delete this thread? D:


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