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Thread: Bricked wii. Help needed

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    Bricked wii. Help needed

    Just picked bought a wii that is bricked. I have managedto install the homebrew channel again from the system menu. But I'm having major problems.

    Problem 1. From the system menu, if I select system menu, I get an error saying something like

    Error autobooting system menu!
    Ticket not found

    Problem 2, when I select the homebrew channel, it is blank, there is nothing in even though I have got stuff on my sd card such as wad manager, cIOS installer etc.

    The wii in question has beebn softmodded at some point and then reformatted, thats all the info Ive got at present. Can anyone help, Im in a fix here and in need of some help. Thanks guys, I know Ive come to the right place..................hopefully

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    well try turning on the wii and holding the reset button. hopefully you have preloader installed, if not, consider buying a chip or looking into a savemii to reinstall the system menu...good luck

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    you dont need savemii to install system menu , i bricked my wii and all it did when i started it was go to hbc nothing else i had preloader installed and that is what messed mine up. i could still get to my wad manager though so i got system menu 4.0 wad an now it works good.! but that might not work in this care seein how im taking it he cant get to wadmanager?!


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