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Thread: Update to 4.0 questions

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    Update to 4.0 questions


    I used the EoC guide to downgrade my Wii to 3.2e and have been running this without any problems for a while.

    My wife went out and bought the new EA Sports Active game, however the game will not work. I asume that this is because the machine is on firmware 3.2e and the game states it needs the latest firmware to run.

    When I downgarded my Wii I turned off the disk update option as per the giude, because of this EA Sports Active just sits at a back screeen (I asume where the disk update message would be)

    So my question is; is there any way to update my Wii to 4.0 and keep the ability to play original game and still play backuped up games via Gammer Loader? I have read about Waninkoko's Firmware Updater 4.0 but not sure if this is the way to go or not?


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    Sounds like that is the best option i used waninkokos firmware updater 4.0 i have a pal wii also and all my original and back ups still work but i am now using the usb loader it loads even faster than the original discs.Just read very carefully the guides when using it Dogeggs has a good guide on this site but follow to the letter.Now i don't know your system situation ie chipped wii or softmod so search read, search read,search read before attempting any wii modifications

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    My Wii is only softmod. Thanks for the reply I will check out Dogeggs guide and I think I will spend most of today reasearching. At least I now have a place to start

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    Just to update you, I had my Wii from when it first came out. I used the guide by EoC to put 3.2e firmware on it. Today I used the guide by Dogeggs to put 4.0e on it and all works fine. Every channel work, all backup's work on the Gamma channel and the VC stuff still works.

    One very happy person


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