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Thread: Question about wii homebrew ect ...

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    Question about wii homebrew ect ...

    I got a normal wii
    un modded , and un-hacked

    it's a 4.0u updated wii...
    my serial starts with lu34 i believe... so it's not lu64

    how can i install the exploit / hack?
    is there one out yet
    or their won't be one?

    i don't mind not ''installing it''
    im just asking

    anyways i got punchout to BEAT first^^

    thanks guys!!

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    i've not been keeping up
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    aloha, there are ways to get hbc and the like in 4.0. You can use bannerbomb as a suggestion, also bootmii as well though it is in beta right now. It really depends what you favor doing with the wii besides buying and playing your backup games. Let us know what you desire. Goodluck

    ~aloha Kawai.

    if i've helped, pls. press thumbs thanks...

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    well... i want to play mostly emulators....

    I have like zillions nes carts & snes but i don't always like to plug my 20 yr old CRT to play it on my lcd tv & plugging & unplugging is a pain in the butt

    So my goal was to play emulators
    and maybe play some backups to try games before i buy them
    like games im not sure they will be worth 50$... because i won't even play it 1 hr..

    thats mostly it

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    bannerbomb is what you need. search for bannerbomb and you will find all the info you need. you can install homebrew on any version of the wii, even the lu64 there are just different steps you have to take

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    haha sorry i couldn't respond

    I got it all to work in a instant
    instead of overposting like many noobs tends to do i went off & read the most out of this forum

    and it took me 1 hr to set it all up

    okay now only 1 problem!!

    I cannot get the darn BAckup loader to work
    i get errors what ever i try

    324 err no cios? or clios?

    I cannot also ''install a wad manager '' to install .wad files ....

    Can you help me out on this one this is all i need to do next!


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    you can.. read the freakin' recommened tutorials section and you will find out... i modded my wii from 4.0E to 3.2e with bootmii softmii starfall and more..

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    yup^jjust did , sorry the post was before i tryed with a ddifferent downloaded package no need to be rude friend switch to decaff

    only thing i need now is to install usb loader
    any pointed on this one

    I got BACKUP LOADER + HOME BREW installed.


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