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Thread: freeloader blanked my wii

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    freeloader blanked my wii

    Hi everybody,
    i just join the hacksite because i have a big problem with my wii.
    i have an european wii and i live in usa.So i bought the freeloader for use american games and when i insert the game it has asked to updates and i accepted.
    Now i have a blank screen and i cannot do anything...
    pleaaaassse if somebody can help me it can be good,because i really don't know what i can do
    thanks by advance

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    more info would be good, was your Wii modded beforehand?
    details like this are crucial, even if it may seem obvious

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    this is a 3.1 wii version
    Now you can insert and eject a game but nothing happen and make a stange sound like if it don't reconize nothing.

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    is disc spinning?
    did you update with proper region game? or usa game?

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    the disc is spinning,
    the update has been done with a US game on a european console


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