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Thread: Ret = -2 HELP!!!!

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    Ca Ret = -2 HELP!!!!


    I am fairly new to USB Loader "World" and have been having an issue dumping games from a disc to my HDD.

    I am using USB Loader 1.5 and am receiving an error message "ret =-2" every time. I cannot seem to find what this error means anywhere...

    Any assistance is really appreciated.

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    i had a similar problem but it was a "-1" error.
    i fixed it by updating my Cios i think?
    it was a while ago

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    As far as i know i am running the newest Cios (rev 10) I had the problem with rev 9 as well...
    I don't know what the "-2" error is...

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    I have discovered that Ripping retail games (Wii Sports, Paper Mario etc.) works fine but i cannot rip a burned game without the "ret =-2" error????

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    I get that ret=-2 error now and again (when backing up originals as well), but for me if I just retry it seems to work fine.

    With burned games, if you have the original ISO files you can copy those across to the WBFS partition on the hard drive with WBFS Manager (search the forum, it's not hard to find), and skip the ripping completely.

    If not you can just use something like ImgBurn to take a 1:1 backup of the burned disc, and then copy that file (make sure to set the image format to .iso) across to the HDD using the WBFS manager.

    Hope this helps.

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