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Thread: About to Give Up...

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    About to Give Up...

    Whats up guys. I was hoping this would be the spot to get some solid advice on my wii situation.

    LU64 - Serial
    Arrived as 3.4, upgraded to 4.0 after installing Homebrew (I was hoping it would overwrite my cIOS file if I did this...and it didn't I suppose).

    I am currently unable to run almost anything off of my SD card. Every wadmanager seems to just lock up at a blank screen. I just want to get back to the point where I could run the wad manager so I can fix this...but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    From what i am led to believe by reading diffrent posts is that the LU64 consoles can't be hacked currently.
    But maybe someone more experienced than me can confirm this for you and i hope im wrong to.

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    Well from what I've read, as of April of this year. There is a LU64 fix that can be applied to any of these Wii consoles. Which is what I was trying to run and then downgrade my firmware and fix my Cios. Thanks for the reply though. Hopefully someone has been in my situation before.

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    In the search box at the top of this page type LU64 FIX
    That should give you the answer.


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