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    Hi guys,

    hopefully i've posted this in the right place, if not mods please move to relevent section!!

    i've been looking around the last few days for a wii remote charging station but i cant seem to settle on one, all the one's i look at have good and bad reviews!! Does anyone have one they can recommend or one they can suggest buying? i've only got 2 remotes so wont need to be any more than that, i'll also be charging it from my PC USB (should that make any difference!)

    Appreciate any recommendations!!



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    I bought a generic one that works just fine. It plugs into USB on the Wii or on the PC and saves me opening the battery compartments all the time. It cost me less than 9GBP. Maybe something similar is available in your area Remote Charger Station + 2x 2800mAh Batteries For Nintendo Wii

    As a side note I really can't imagine why something as trivial as a battery charger could get bad reviews.

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    I don't know if it fits your criteria because it plugs into the wall and not via USB but, the Nyko Charge Station is excellent. It comes with two rechargeable batteries, a charging dock (you don't even have to remove the batteries from the Wii remotes), and new plates for the back of your Wii remotes that have rubber grips on them. Once you've used it a couple of times, the batteries charge really fast (in 1-2 hours) though at first it takes longer (4-6 hours).

    It's only $29.99 in Canadian currency.


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