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Thread: Help guys BOOM BLOX PARTY prob

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    Help guys BOOM BLOX PARTY prob

    Hey guys ive got the NTSC version of BOOM BLOX PARTY.I have a PAL wii on 3.2.

    Ive got the 002 error(same as Madworld,but that i fixed) I heard that this game works but it states that =Requires the patched version of the Gamma launcher (avoids Error #002) in order to play.

    What does this mean? i have many loaders on my wii but i cant get this game to run without this error.

    How do i patch a launcher---any links/help would be appreciated


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    you can patch it with ios patcher to 249, or just use the alt. 002 fix by using both wii scrubber and generic wii patcher


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