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Thread: cIOS36 uninstall

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    Question cIOS36 uninstall

    Ok, so i have animal crossing CF on a backup and it worked fine. i then updated to cIOS36 rev10. Now about 5 mins into the game it freezes and i am getting a beating from ressetti xD

    I searched around and i found that this is a compatibility issue with cIOS36 rev10 by waninkoko. I don't use USB loader so cIOS36 rev10 is not necessary for me.
    To get to the point, could someone give me instructions on how to uninstall cIOS36 rev10 and get back to rev9 which works.

    Thank you

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    Just install rev9, it will overwrite rev 10 - no need to uninstall

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    Hiya Dogeggs,can,t remember if i ever asked the same question,but seen loads of peeps on quite a few forums asking this same question,and no-one ever seems to be able to give a definitive answer,its always a cryptic reply,or ' i think u can'.

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    Thanx, reverted back and animal crossing works fine


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