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Thread: how can i chage patched ios to original ios ot work with chip mod

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    Us how can i chage patched ios to original ios ot work with chip mod

    I download few games from net that were scrubbed and change IOS number to work with soft mod. My WII is hard mod with drive key and it will not play back up disk with change IOS from original. I tried to use IOS patcher to put original IOS but it does not work. my question is are there any program that can be use or any stop by step method.

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    What were the games?

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    Nigh at the Museum, Yu_Gi_Oh, Kids Sports,

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    What ios numbers are those games currently at?

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    Night at Museum currently 249. original IOS 53
    Yu_Gi_OH Currently 245 original 35
    Crazy golf ( Kids Sports) Currently 249 Original 33 I tried to change to original with IOS patcher 1.1 version but no luck

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    What exactly happens when you try to change it back to original? I will give you a site that has all 3 of those games in it. Hippyfreak's WII MegaUpload ISO ONLY thread - Page 22

    When you get into that site, click on page 1 to get to the page that has all the games listed in links.

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    Thanks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> looks good site and so many game.......

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