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Thread: What just happen?

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    What just happen?

    OK long story short,

    I had 3.4U w/ wiikey 2 installed. I followed these instructions to the T
    & it worked. problem is when i tried to do the usb loader hack is when my troubles began. I still have 4.0 but i can't play 4.0 back up games y?

    the tutorial i followed to the usb loader wanted me to downgrade I did & not i am just plain confused. i was trying to load ultimate usb v7.5 w/ rev.10.

    I currently still have 12.36 or something like that. what do i do?

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    follow the tutorial completely again WITH the downgrade..

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    I will give it shot, is there a way I can do a system restore?

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    if you had bootmii or softmii installed yes lol that's the only i know

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    Get bootmii installer (hackmii installer), install bootmii with HBC, load it, go to options and backup your NAND (will format SD so back it up first). Then downgrade


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