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Thread: Wii disc drive problem!

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    Wii disc drive problem!


    I have a Wii with a Wiikey fitted.

    I am running version 3.0 and i've done an update using a usa version of brain son pressed ok to the update!!!

    The wii's been fine since and today (about 3 days after the update) the disc drives stopped reading the discs!!!

    I've inserted back ups and originals Pal & ntsc but it keeps saying insert a disc!!!

    Any ideas, i cant hear the drive working??? the last game ive played was a gamecube game i tried to see if it worked???

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    If you have done nothing else after the updates there are two possibilities.
    1) Your drive is just broken... this happens and has happened, Nintendo replaces them, though you most likely can't get a replacement because you voided your warranty installing the wiikey.
    2) Your wiikey was sloppily installed and there are points touching that shouldn't be, or points that should be touching are no longer touching.

    I would hope that it is the second one because this is fixable, just need to resolder the chip. If it is the first, I recommend getting a new system. You can try nintendo, but I personally would not risk it.


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