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Thread: Need help in identifying my Wii

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    Need help in identifying my Wii

    Hi guys, recently i bought a modded wii from someone. But I dont see that he installed any homebrew application, such as HBC and other stuff. And i am totally new to this stuff. How do I know that this wii is mod? If I can play the copy iso is that mean my wii is a modded Wii?

    If the my wii is modded, what do i need to install in order to play the new wii games? As i read through the forum, I know i have to install the HBC and wiikey in order to play the homebrew games, but i can not find these application on my wii. So, which wiikey should i install, the wiikey1 or wiikey2 v1.2? For install guide, is that just burn the wiikey2 into iso and install it straight to my wii?? Does this limited to certain firmware version like 3.3?

    Thanks for the time.

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    Do a bit of researching the answers are all here in the site, read tutorials and such.

    Bought modded wii? That could mean you already have a mod chip inside otherwise you would have homebrew channel, that would be a softmoded wii.

    You can play only iso backup in your region. You do not need all those other applications unless you want hbc.

    By the questions you're asking you definitely need to do some reading because many of your questions are asked on almost a daily bases and people will get tired of people not doing a bit of research. Anyway goodluck.

    ~aloha kawai

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    What do u mean by softmoded? What's the differences between softmoded and the other mod methods? And again, u said I can only play backup ISO, is that means i can play the game I download from online and burn into dvd??

    One main question i want to ask is that, can i install the wiikey2 and HBC ??

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    for ur questions, plz spend 20~40 hours searching and reading threads in this Forum.
    get ur conceptual base in ground b4 u could understand what others may advice.

    softmod : modify the wii by software, without adding IC (e.g. wiikey2)
    chipmod : modify the wii by hardware (IC)
    play backup ISO : either softmod or chipmod will support this task
    Backup: download + unzip + burn dvd
    with wiikey2, HBC is definitely install-able. plus many other homebrews !
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    billyhome, you're so efficient. and helpful hahah...

    wiikid you definitely should give billy a thumbs up...cuz all what he shared is extra work on his part that are listed here on site in the must read sections. Especially for beginners.

    Yes, you can have wii2key and hbc...

    much aloha~kawai


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