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Thread: Wii Bricking..!

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    Us Wii Bricking..!

    What are the signs that you've bricked your wii???

    It worked fine yesterday and this morning But now its not playing discs???

    Everything else works just the disc drive!

    I insert a disc and it says insert a disc still??

    Any ideas?

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    I'll simplify that my wii bricked???

    I can insert a disc BUT my driver isnt reading the disc!

    Any ideas how to fix it???

    Only had it a week or 2

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    I replied to a similar post. basically it sounds like your disc drive is shot due to manufacturing problems or your chip is either touching where it shouldn't be or not touching where it should be. Drives break as a part of manufacturing preocedure, and solder moves/bends.... if the joints werent solid or sloppily done this can cause problems for you.

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    ur best bet is to take it apart for any noticable damage or loose wires etc


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